Acne Healing Blog is authored by Joseph Cowell. Joseph is a past acne sufferer and he had tried various methods to cure his acne but to no avail. He had spent thousands over dollars on medications such as antibiotics, creams, over the counter products, cleanser, roaccutane and etc but most only provide either temporary relief or severe side effect.

Even though he had spent so much money on acne treatments, he couldn’t find a permanent cure for acne. He is frustrated over his severe acne condition and that cause him to went out to search for other alternatives.

Everything changed when he stumbled across Mike Walden’s ebook, Acne No More. In the ebook, Mike Walden explained why conventional ways to treating acne does not work and we may be making our acne condition worst by following what the dermatologist or experts say.

Conventional ways of treating acne only includes treating the surface of the problem such as applying creams and etc. Taking antibiotics is also a wrong move as it has long term health implications which can also cause us to have long term acne.

Mike Walden then introduces using holistic ways to cure acne permanently and to Joseph’s surprise, he managed to cure his acne permanently without and drugs and medicines within weeks. He knows how frustrating it is to have red painful acne on the skin which can also dent a blow to our self esteem. He wants to help others to learn more about natural methods of curing acne.

That is why he started Acne Healing Blog, a website where others can learn more about using natural ways(100% safe and without side effects) of curing acne permanently.

Click on the link and find out how you can cure your acne like how Joseph did.

Mike Walden Acne No More Ebook