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Homemade Remedies For Acne

Acne No More

By Joseph

When I am watching the TV programs, there will always be advertisements pertaining to acne treatments. When you go to the grocery stores, health and fitness or beauty shops, there are various types and all sorts of commercialized treatments for acne problems. However, there is no best way to treat acne in a natural way. Listed herein are some of the natural, homemade remedies to cure acne problems.

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Egg to the rescue. At home, I use egg whites on my face. This will not only help eliminate the pimples, it will also tighten your face to prevent it from sagging. To economize the use of eggs, when you use eggs for cooking, there are still remnants of egg white inside the egg shell. These remnants will be the ones you are going to apply on your face for an hour or two or even overnight if you want. Then you can wash it with warm water afterwards. In this way, you did not only use eggs for cooking, but also for eliminating pimples as well.

Vinegar as a cleanser. Did you know that vinegar is not only used for adding a flavor to your delicious meal? It can also be used as a facial cleanser to wipe off the pimples on your beautiful face? In doing so, simply soak a cotton ball on the vinegar and wipe it gently on your face. Because of its antibacterial effect, surely those unwanted pimples will go away.

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Honey for acne. Every time I watch beauty and lifestyle shows, I always encountered honey as one of the many natural remedies or beauty secrets in having a wonderful celebrity-looking face. With this, simply apply honey on your face and let it stay for a few minutes or an hour until it is dry and ready to be peeled. This works like a facial mask. In this way, not only your pimples will be removed, but slowly, the pimple scars will be gone as well.

Another home made remedy is through the use of ice. Simply apply ice on the pimple for 15 minutes. The inflammatory process of acne will be halted or slowed down with the use of an ice. At this moment, you surely have a grasp of new ideas on how to eliminate acne without going to facial centers. Just simply look for the ingredients right at the comfort in your home, in the kitchen to be exact, to find the best home made remedies for acne.

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