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Natural Ways To Clear Acne

Acne No More

By Joseph

Are you suffering from a rather acute problem of acne? We understand how physically and emotionally scarring it is, and you start suffering from social anxiety. Well, if you take proper care of your skin, and apply the right stuff to your pimples, and eat the right foods, you won’t have to worry about your acne problem again! We give you natural ways to clear acne.

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The power of strawberries and their leaves are extremely underrated. The ancient Egyptians not only knew about embalming, they also knew about complexion! They discovered that the application of wet strawberry leaves were great for the complexion, and when ground together, were good for dealing with acne. Dandelion too is beneficial in dealing with acne, as are zinc supplements, also banana chamomile soothers.

More natural ways to clear acne include splashing your face with papaya juice, or potato juice – both of which are highly beneficial. Neem leaves, too, ground to a paste, and used as a face-pack can work wondered as a natural way to clear acne. Nutmeg grinded with unboiled milk, and applied topically on the pimples for a couple of hours, then washed off – has shown to be beneficial as well. One could also try mixing honey and cinnamon powder, leaving on overnight, and washing off in the morning. Honey especially is great for the skin – applying just honey on the face will rid you of pimples too.

Lemon juice, mixed with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder is another of the natural ways to clear acne – however, those with sensitive skin should avoid this. Garlic, if rubbed on the lesions, can remove the pimples as well as the marks, orange peel paste has been recommended highly as well. You can also apply lime juice mixed with rose water, in equal amounts to deal with your pimple problems. One more natural way to clear acne is by applying a finely ground paste of fenugreek leaves on the face for 15 minutes, then washing off with lukewarm water.

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Remember not to pick at your pimples, or scratch them. This can cause further infection, thereby aggravating the problem. So we suggest you resist the urge to pick at them or scratch them. Of course, you need to watch your diet too. Remember to avoid rich fatty or fried foods, go easy on the pork and fat, the chips and the greasy French fries. Instead, supplement your diet with lots of green vegetables, garlic, watercress, cucumber, onions, carrots, celery, whole grains, sprouts, vegetable juices, sweet potato, and fish (from cold-water ocean).

We recommend that you stay away from seaweed and kelp, as they have been shown to be directly linked with acne. Stock up on apricots, peaches, and broccoli as well. Keep the sugars, dairy products, red meats, caffeine, and processed foods at arms’ length. Of course, you’ll need to drink lots of water, at least 8 – 10 glasses daily, to flush out the toxins in your system.

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