best acne spot treatmentThere are many acne treatments in the market and the number can be overwhelming. However, not many of these treatments are effective. Most of these treatments or products contain chemicals that are harsh on our skin. So let me go through the alternative method that I think is the best acne spot treatment that can provide long-term results.

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1) Use Tea Tree Oil

I am a big fan of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has anti bacteria and anti inflammation properties. These properties are excellent for treating acne. They are also 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals that can harm our skin.

However, do take note that you need to apply sparingly. Applying too much tea tree oil can cause skin redness and flaking.

2) Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another great natural ingredient that I use for my acne spot treatment. Aloe vera has anti inflammation properties and it helps the skin to heal at a much faster rate. Apply aloe vera gel or pulp on your acne can help to soothe the affected area and accelerate the healing process. Aloe vera can also help to lighten acne scars.

3) Refrain From Acne Causing Food

You are most likely going to get temporary results if you are only treating acne on the external surface. This is why I don’t recommend using acne creams. Even taking medications such as antibiotics can cause kill good bacteria in your digestive system. In the long run, it is doing more harm than good.

To cure your acne, you need to stop the triggers inside your body. Some foods such as processed foods, high sugar content foods or dairy products can cause your body to become vulnerable to acne outbreaks.

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Processed foods contain chemicals that will get lodged in your body system. The chemicals that are not removed by your elimination organs will be toxic to your body, which can cause acne to appear. Milk contains hormones of the cow and injections of antibiotics. These foreign bodies will get into your body and disrupt the balance in your body. Milk can also cause your body to produce heavy mucus in your digestive tracts that will affect your digestion system.

Avoiding these foods can allow you to see results fast. Most of us neglected our diet and this result in acne. Acne is the way our body tells us that it is out of balance.

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