hormonal acne treatmentHormonal acne treatment usually includes taking hormone pills that try to balance out your hormones. Acne appears when there is hormonal imbalance in your body. Taking pills is one of the methods to cure them but this method is just a temporary mean and your acne will usually reappear after you stop taking the hormone pills.

Causes of hormonal imbalance include congest liver or sluggish bowels. When your liver is clogged, it can’t deactivate used hormones. Sluggish bowels will also cause used hormones to accumulate in the body because it fails to eliminate the used hormones fast enough.

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Instead of relying on hormone pills to get temporary results, I recommend you to get rid of the root problems instead. Here are some foods that can aggravate the problem and I advise you to stay away from these foods.

1) Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk contain hormones from cow. They may also contain injections to make them produce more milk. These hormones or chemicals will make their way to your body when you consume them.

Milk can also cause allergies and they tend to create mucus that will clog up your digestive tracts.

2) Refined Sugar (White Sugar)

Sugar is empty calories and they tend to cause spike in your blood sugar level when consumed. Your body will also produce androgenic hormones to deal with the excess glucose in your body.

These hormones can create hormonal imbalance and they tend to stimulate your sebum glands to produce more oil.

Even processed foods like pasta, white bread and white rice are to be avoided. Because they are processed with their fiber and pulps filtered out, their chemical structure is similar to sugar and they cause the same reaction in your body when consumed.

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3) Red Meat

Red meat is hard to digest and they can cause digestion problems, which will lead to more problems. It takes a longer time to digest red meat and it will spend a longer time in our digestive system.

When red meat stays longer in your body, it can rot in your and leak toxins into your body. Red meat also contains hormone injections or steroid that is harmful to our health when eaten. It is advisable that you avoid red meat or switch to organic or free-range meat that is free from hormone or steroid injections.

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